5 Indian cricketers who were born outside India

malaysia flag

PC: google Cricket in India is more than just a sport, it’s a cultural phenomenon. Millions cheer for their heroes, and the dream of playing for the Indian team burns bright in countless hearts. But what about those whose journeys began outside the borders of India, yet they donned the prestigious blue jersey with the same unwavering passion? Let’s meet …

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Cricketers Who Became Father Before Marriage


DJ Bravo – The ‘Champion’ from West Indies has entertained the cricket watchers throughout his career with his bowling, batting and celebrations. Regarding his personal life, Dwayne has been in a relationship with two girlfriends with whom he has 3 children also but what is interesting to know is that he has not married any of them. Well this is …

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Cricketers Who Have A Connection With Tennis Players

Ashok Mankad and Nirupama Vasant – Ashok Mankad, former Indian cricketer who is also the son of legend Vinoo Mankad represented India in 22 test matches and 1 ODI. He is married to Nirupama Vasant who is an Asian Tennis Champion.Her entire family has represented India in tennis. Her brother and father were well known tennis players while her sister …

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Most Runs In A Single Domestic Vijay Hazare Season


The Vijay Hazare Trophy, also known as the Ranji One-Day Trophy, was started in 2002-03 as a limited-overs cricket domestic competition involving state teams from the Ranji Trophy plates. It is named after the legendary Indian cricketer Vijay Hazare. There are a lot of batsman who make their name in this domestic league with stunning performances. In this article lets …

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Winning with a last ball 6


Cricket is one of the most unpredictable sports. The result of the match can never be predicted until the last ball is bowled. Plenty of incidents can unfold even on the last delivery that could change the match in favour of either of the two opponent. While batters desire of hitting the last-ball six as a winning shot, it is …

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Instances When Injured Players Returned And Won The Match For The Team


Cricket is a game of grit, passion and determination. The players had to toil hard to score every runs and the oppositions had to toil hard to prevent every run. But when a player gets injured, naturally most of the players likes to safe side themselves and doesn’t comes back to the pitch before being deemed ready. But due to …

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Instances Where Wicketkeepers Bowled In The Same Match

wicketkkeepers bowling

Wicket-keepers are one of the most important aspects in a cricket squad. They are the ones who possess dual nature and are required to bat and keep the wickets at the same time. It’s a really tedious task as they are the ones squatting behind the wickets after every delivery and need to be on their toes everytime. But there …

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Indians With Highest Yo-yo Test Scores

indians with highest yo-yo score

At the highest level of cricket in this generation, fitness has been a prime factor and area of concern. It won’t be incorrect to say that a players fitness is equally important or maybe more important than his technique. Yo-yo tests have been a big part of Indian cricket team’s fitness routine for several years now. Introduced by strength and …

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Unlucky on 199

batsman out on 199

People often remember great centuries and double centuries in cricket but little does anyone remember a 99 or a 199 because it’s all about milestones at the end of the day. One can’t even imagine how disheartening it is to be dismissed in their nervous 90’s after all the hardwork for the major chunk of the innings and then not …

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Times When Batsmen Were Dismissed In An Unusual Way

bizzare cricket dismissal

Getting dismissed is a basic element in cricket. But sometimes this basic element becomes funny or bizarre. Cricket is a gentleman’s game but it also becomes funny sometimes. There have been many instances where batsmen got out in a way that made the audience, the commentators and of course, the players laugh or get shocked. In this article lets discuss …

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Instances When Batsmen Were Left With Broken Bats On Field

instances of bats broken in cricket

Yes, fiery deliveries from bowlers not only astonished the batsmen by taking their wickets but also by breaking their bats. Bats these days are highly durable and strongly made and designed to provide strong blows. But with time, even bowlers have improved and developed their pace. In this article we will discuss five such instances where bowlers ensured the batsmen …

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