BCCI warns Virat Kohli on sharing confidential information

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Indian team has been undergoing a skill camp in Alur. Alur is 331 km away from Bengaluru.
Why this unknown place is chosen for the skill game is only known to BCCI officials but players
are sweating hard in the field to prepare for the upcoming Asia Cup which is going to be a tough contest as Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh will also be competing along with Nepal for the first time.

Virat Kohli is also part of the skill camp and he is given a warning from BCCI as he shared his yo-yo score on instagram this thursday.

Kohli shared his all impressive yo-yo score of 17.2 on thursday but BCCI officials made it very clear that players can share pictures of training and everything but to reveal confidential information such as test scores is against the contract obligations.

Eventually, Virat Kohli has removed that particular post from instagram, but atleast we know he is super fit and ready to roar for all important Asia cup and then much awaited World Cup.

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