Crowd winning huge money by catch in stands in cricket


Catches win matches for the teams but they can also win huge money for fans if they take great catches in stands, lets look at such incidents where crowd was rewarded some hefty amount of sum as they took some spectacular catches in stands –

1 Lakh – In 2018 edition of IPL, Faizal Khan took a spectacular one handed catch in the match between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers to win whopping amount of 1 lakh rupees.

This happened when Rohit Sharma was batting on 84 runs off 49 when he lofted a full toss outside the off stump over the covers for a monstrous six.

$250,000 – In 2015 World Cup Tui Promotion asked fans to win Tui T shirt and if fans can catch with one hand, they will be awarded a cash prize.

In 31st over, Ganda took a one handed stunning catch when Williamson hit straight into stands to win the hefty sum of $250,000.

He was surrounded with high fives and cheers and a woman jokingly even asked him if he would marry her. Ganda made $250,000 .

£1000 – In a county match between Surrey and Welsh at Oval Stadium a boy who came up with his mom grabbed a stunner.

As soon as the replay showed him on screen, the boy humbly turned towards his mom and tightly hugged her to celebrate the moment.

Leaving the boy at home will only would have made his mom poorer by £1000.

NZ$50,000 – This happened in Newzealand when a fan named Grimstone grabbed a stunner to a Ross Taylor wild slog on leg side.

With two balls left in New Zealand’s innings, Ross Taylor heaved the ball over the leg-side boundary and spectator Mitchell Grimstone lent over the bottom tier railings and caught the ball in his left hand amazingly to win huge amount of NZ$50,000.

$93,000 – The last instance we gonna discuss happened when a 28-year-old Hamilton guy took a stunner at Seddon Park, Newzealand in the early stages of the one-day cricket international between New Zealand and the West Indies to win the big prize in the Tui Catch A Million competition.

It was Michael Morton’s six-pack, as well as his outstanding hand-eye coordination, that made him $NZ100,000 ($93,000) richer on Wednesday. To register for it one has to buy a $30 Tui Tshirt before the match but Morton got him for free as he had bought six Tui bottles and the shopkeeper was glad to give him a free t-shirt. In a post-match interview, he added that he hadn’t warmed up well for the catch and also the six hit by Kieran Powell was traveling at a decent speed and it just got stuck in his hand but he had no regrets as he had almost become a millionaire in a matter of 5 minutes.

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